ISO 9001:2008
The first HO oil
Number 1


The first High Oleic oil especially conceived for responsible cooking, with a minimum content of 75% Omega 9 fatty acids.


Designed under the sign of innovation, the High Oleic oil is the only sunflower oil prepared to resist on very high temperatures, for a lower cooking time.


Especially created recipe for repeated cooking processes, with an increased usage span of 50% higher than any other common sunflower oil.

The High Oleic
Oil Properties

The High Oleic (HO) oil is obtained from a special sunflower breed, with a higher content of oleic acid (monounsaturated Omega 9 fatty acid). According to Codex Alimentarius, the High Oleic sunflower oil has a minimum content of 75% oleic acid.

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High Oleic VS Other Types of Oil

The High Oleic oil is considered to be the best professional frying oil, successfully replacing palm oil, regular refined sun-flower oil or colza oil.

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Food Uses

The major tendency regarding the food industry is to find new ways in replacing saturated fats and trans fatty acids, considered to be noxious, with monounsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid.

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Spornic Profesional


High Oleic oil is any sunflower oil with a minimum content of 75% oleic acid or monounsaturated Omega 9 fatty acid, compared to the regular sun-flower oil, which contain about 25% oleic acid.

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High Oleic

Spornic Professional 100% High Oleic is suitable for dainty dishes, and also very fiery. The rich content in Omega 9 is responsible for its high endurance in the oxidation process, and for its stability on high temperatures.

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In comparison to linoleic acid from the regular sun-flower oil, the oleic acid is known to be 4 times resistant to free radicals attack. Due to its slow oxidation process, Spornic Professional has a 50% long lasting term of validity, rather than all regular sun-flower oils.

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Food uses

The High Oleic oil is used in industrial preserved products and also on the industrial level of frying processes, due to higher stability in its repeatedly usage and the slow oxidation process.

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Prutul SA

Prutul SA, a company with full Romanian assets, is one of the main vegetable oil producers from Romania and one of the most important agri-business industry players from our country. The company owns the Prutul oil factory from Galați and 22 storage capacities for cereals and oleaginous products in 9 of the most important districts with agricultural potential of the country.

Throughout its existence, Prutul company implemented extensive investment programs, both in the oil factory and storage capacities, equipped with the technical means required by all operations (reception, inspection and product conditioning), in accordance to European Union legislation.

The company headquarters is in Bucharest and has over 650 employees all over the country, in both divisions, oil and agri-business.