ISO 9001:2008
The first HO oil
Number 1

Spornic Profesional

The High Oleic oil is any sunflower oil with a minimum content of 75% oleic acid or mono-unsaturated fatty acid Omega 9. Comparing to the classic oil which contains approximately 25% oleic acid, Spornic Profesional is considered to be the healthiest sunflower oil in Romania, due to its high amount of Omega 9. Extracted from a distinguished type of Romanian sunflower seeds, Spornic Profesional, the latest product in the Spornic series, is the only 100% High Oleic oil in Romania.

Spornic Profesional can be used for any kind of cooking, in any type of food. In comparison with other cooking oils, Spornic 100% High Oleic has a rich amount of healthy fats while the saturated fatty acids represent only 7,5% of the High Oleic oil. This is the reason why more and more companies in the food industry choose to use High Oleic Oil. For more than 5 years, the Intersnack company has been exclusively using High Oleic oil for their brand, Chio Chips.