ISO 9001:2008
The first HO oil
Number 1

What does ‘HO’ mean?

Just a drop of chemistry

The sunflower oil is a compound of mono-unsaturated fatty acids Omega 9 (oleic acid) and poly-unsaturated fatty acids Omega 6 (linoleic acid). The chemical composition of sunflower oil also contains a small amount of saturated fats, in a low percentage – about 10%.

The linoleic oil extracted from the “regular” sunflower seeds is the most common type of vegetal oil, namely the one to fill up most of the space on the supermarket shelves in Romania. It has a very high content of poly-unsaturated fatty acids, known as healthy, but quite unstable and susceptible to self-oxidation.

The issue regarding the instability of poly-unsaturated fats has been well-known by the specialists for over 50 years. During the ‘70s, a team of Russian specialists created a sunflower hybrid whose seeds contain more oleic acid. The new cooking oil is HIGH in mono-unsaturated fats and has a superior resistance to oxidation and high temperatures.

Any oil with a minimum content of 75% oleic acid is a High Oleic oil.
PRUTUL SA is the only producer of High Oleic oil in Romania.

Spornic Profesional for the hospitality industry and Spornic Premium for home cooking are the two brands of the first Romanian High Oleic Sunflower Oil.