ISO 9001:2008
The first HO oil
Number 1

Food uses

✓ Home Use – the HO oil has the most expanded usage spectrum for at-home cooking, being appropriate
for all types of food, from tasty salads to fried and baked specialties cooked at high temperatures.
✓ Deep Frying – due to long lengths of usage, large potato chips producers in Europe have replaced
palm oil with High Oleic sunflower oil.
✓ In Industrial Canned Products, due to its slower oxidation process, the HO oil has a higher resistance
to turning rancid
✓ As an ingredient in baby food – due to the high content of healthy monounsaturated fats Omega 9.
✓ In HoReCa for the preparation of tasty and healthy food.

One of the largest restaurant chains in Romania – Trotter Management (Caru ‘cu bere, City Grill, Trattoria Buongiorno, Hanu’ Berarilor Interbelic, etc ) is now using High Oleic oil for its savoury dishes, famous in the Bucharest area. Since May 2016, Trotter has been using Spornic Profesional in its restaurant kitchens.